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Song of distant Myths


'Song of distant Myths' is originally a Mongolian song for horse head fiddle, now arranged for violoncello by Detmar Leertouwer.
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"The first arrangement of several enchanting Mongolian songs which I love since long.
I visited the country three times and still I have to return one time...

My love for this faraway place was initiated by the touching movie 'Urga' by Nikita Michalkov.
I was enchanted by the music, the large distances, the stillness, the raw elements of nature and of course by the story told in the movie. I had to visit this country and its people.
I made my own version of a famous song I once heard on tape - yes, in the days of the good old cassette tape! - with two '
morin khuur' (horse head fiddle) and a 'yatga' (a Mongolian type zither)."