Detmar Leertouwer's programme suggestions:


On the baroque 'cello:

Bach solo suites (click or tap Bach in Castles or Teaser Bach in Castles).
Sonatas for violoncello and basso continuo by e.g. Vivaldi, Gabrielli, Geminiani, Barrière, Lancetti, Porpora, Boccherini, Duport.


Classical and early romantic sonatas with fortepiano

For example sonatas by van Beethoven, Ries, Wölfl, Romberg, C. F. Bach, Hummel.


A journey to Berlin:

Works for piano and 'cello by Duport, Mozart and van Beethoven.


Complete cycle of sonatas for (forte)piano and 'cello by van Beethoven.



Works by Brahms, Schumann, Rachmaninov, Mendelssohn, Davidov, Rubinstein, Saint-Saëns, Chopin, Liszt, Popper etc.


Suites through the centuries:

Bach-Reger-Britten (click or tap B-R-B).



The playful early and the more introvert late Beethoven sonatas combined with one of the sonatas by Fauré.


Bach versus Reger:

Works for 'cello and organ.


Brahms versus Reger

Sonatas for 'cello and piano.


Works of the 20th and 21st century:

By e.g. Vasks, Ustvolskaja, Britten, Berio, Shostakowitsch, van Rossem, Doğru, Sculthorpe, Ligeti, Gwilt, Pärt, Meijering, González, Gubaidulina, Lombardi (and possibly Bachs solo suites juxtaposed).


Not for ‘Cello?:

Bach – viola da gamba sonata (click or tap here).
Brahms – violin sonata (‘Regenlied’)
Shostakowitsch – viola sonata


Dialogue between a dancer and a 'cellist:

‘Cello solo (e.g. Bach, Ligeti, Sculthorpe, Doğru, Lombardi, Britten, Jantsannorov) and a dance soloist (click or tap Dialogue between a Dancer and a 'Cellist).


Goldberg Variations:

Bach's grand opus in an arrangement for string trio.